Jun. 13, 2023

HARRISBURG - Today, the Pennsylvania House Bipartisan “Meet Me in the Middle” Caucus hosted a news conference where they rolled out their agenda for this legislative term.

This caucus was formed in 2021 by state Rep. Stephen Kinsey (D-Philadelphia) and state Sen. Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland/Dauphin/Perry), who served as a state representative at the time. It was formed as a platform to bring Democratic and Republican members together to listen to people, organizations and businesses across the Commonwealth and work collectively to address issues facing Pennsylvania.

Currently, in the Pennsylvania House, Democrats hold a one-seat majority, making bipartisanship extremely important in getting bills passed.

Current co-chairs of this caucus include Kinsey and state Reps. Jill Cooper (R-Westmoreland), Patty Kim (D-Dauphin/Cumberland) and Jamie Flick (R-Lycoming/Union). They each gave their remarks on how this caucus can help cut through some of the partisanship in Harrisburg and move Pennsylvania forward.

“In my short time here, I found a friend in Rep. Kinsey when we began working on a legislative proposal together,” Cooper said. “Whether it is improving education funding, enhancing public safety, supporting seniors or paving the way for businesses to grow and create new jobs, there are unifying goals on which we can all agree. Our constituents want to see progress and see us working together, with civility, in order to address the challenges facing all Pennsylvanians.”

“I started this caucus with my former colleague as I saw how the political division boiling in Harrisburg was negatively affecting the lives of everyday Pennsylvanians,” Kinsey said. “We don’t have to agree on everything, but working together in a bipartisan fashion and listening to the people of our Commonwealth is very important in moving Pennsylvania forward. I firmly believe that my co-chairs and I share similar intentions and we want to ensure political games don’t get in the way of what we’re here to do -- serve the people we represent!”

“My goal for this caucus is to help link arms on issues that both parties care about,” Kim said. “It’s important to keep lines of communication open so we don’t get comfortable in our respective echo chambers. I look forward to getting important things done in this bipartisan caucus.”

“I am pleased to join ‘Meet Me in the Middle,’ a new bipartisan caucus designed to foster more cooperation between the parties, reduce polarization and find paths to work together to pass commonsense legislation that benefits the people of Pennsylvania,” Flick said. “Many of our districts, including my district, the 83rd, are considered purple districts as our makeup is not heavily Republican or Democrat. Based on discussions with many of my constituents, they want to see more bipartisanship. They want lawmakers to work together more on the issues that impact them every day – like addressing rising energy costs, inflation, mental health support and more – so it makes sense we reflect this in Harrisburg. I believe forming this caucus takes a step in the right direction.”

This full news conference can be viewed here: repjillcooper.com/video/latestvideo.

Representative Jill Cooper
55th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jordan Frei
RepJillCooper.com / Facebook.com/RepJillCooper
House Bipartisan Caucus Rolls Out Agenda at News Conference